Chris Lane and Delbert Belton are wake up calls

Lets think about this for a moment.  Trayvon Martin, darling of the liberal media, killed while wrestling with Zimmerman.  The picture shown of him was as a much younger teen to accentuate an innocence that was fiction.  He was not the angelic personality that the liberal media painted him to be.  The Chief Executive claimed empathy with him publicly before the trial and after Zimmerman’s acquital he implied that justice had not been done and there was some indication of a Federal Civil Rights case.  Entire communities raged against the verdict, celebrities tried to start a boycot of Florida.  Lots of media coverage, angst and in fact the Chief Executive and his constituency made it a racial issue.  Martin was no angel, he was not an innocent.

Now we have Chris Lane.  An athlete and from all reports a stand up guy.  I would want a son like Chris Lane.  Conservative outlets, social media all demand the same type of reaction from the Chief Executive and his cronies.  Some expression of angst, anger.  There is a desire that the Chief Executive express the same concern and interest in getting justice.  The same is true now for Delbert Belton.  Cries about how there is no reaction from the left on the death of this old warrior.  A little old man who was just going home from playing pool.  A great American, a warrior who was randomly picked, targeted for elimination by thugs.

We, conservative America, need to stop being so naive.  There will not be even an acknowledgement of the deaths of Lane and Belton because quite frankly due to their demographics the Chief Executive and his ilk do not care about Belton and Lane.  It does not suit their agenda, it is not politically expedient.  So, don’t hold your breath.

It is up to us, conservatives, law abiding citizens to rise up in righteous indignation about this.  The anger, the angst, the demands for justice have to come from us.  Just as communities and individuals loudly supported Martin, we need to loudly, persistently and unavoidably demand that not only do these murderers get justice but the communities that spawned these criminals do something to contain and mitigate the evil that brought this about.  If we do not want to become targets we need to stop being sheep.  Place demands on the system.  Do not settle for business as usual.  Be loud, persistent and omnipresent.  If we want angst and action about Lane and Belton, it is up to us.

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One Response to Chris Lane and Delbert Belton are wake up calls

  1. Big Bear says:

    Cut off their System. It does not represent us. Starve the beast.

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